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1985 IRELEC founded as supplier of Electron Beam Curing machines and high-voltage equipment to industry and science
1986 IRELEC delivers a 1.5 m width EBC machine to FUJI for their experimental line
1988 IRELEC delivers one of the largest neutron generators for activation analysis
1994 IRELEC develops a new cell concept for large induction machines. More than one hundred are delivered to a major French scientific program (AIRIX project)
1996 IRELEC delivers its first mirror holder to a French CRG X-ray beamline at ESRF
2002 IRELEC delivers its first X-ray optical component for plasma diagnostic for inertial fusion (Megajoule project)
2003 IRELEC delivers the mirror systems for the SUL beamline to ANKA (DE) and the SINS beamline to SSLS (Singapore)
2006 IRELEC is granted a licence agreement by CEA/CNRS for the commercialization of an automatic sample changer
2007 IRELEC successfully installs the first CATS at the Swiss Light Source
The Advanced Photon Source in Chicago orders 4 CATS systems to IRELEC
2009 IIRELEC delivers the whole XALOC beamline to the ALBA synchrotron in Spain
IRELEC installs the 10th CATS on the I04-1 beamline at the Diamond Light Source (UK)
2010 IRELEC supplies 3 complete UHV KB systems to the ALBA Synchrotron (Spain)
2011 Qualification in IRELEC premises of the first analysis bench using the Total X-Ray Fluorescence technology