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UHV rotation stage

IRELEC supplies upon specification (range, resolution, integration constrains, load…) high precision UHV rotation stages, made of mechanical play-free structures with virtual pivot line design (flexure hinges), machined from a monolithic block with electrical discharge (EDM), and actuated by linear actuators (stepper drive and piezo-electrical actuator, as an option).

These stages provide:

  • a full vacuum compliance down to 10-10 mbar (outgassing rate below 10-12 mbar.l/s.cm2);
  • an optimal stability (high rigidity – no mechanical play);
  • a high flexibility (adaptation to the customer’s set up);
  • close loop operation functionality up to 40 Hz using a piezo-electrical actuator in series with the stepper one*.

* the linear actuator can be supplied independently from the rotation stage.


Please contact us for further information.

In-vacuum linear stepper actuator with inline piezoelectric driveUltra-high vacuum rotation stage structure with flexure hinges