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Automated sample manipulator for home laboratory

IRELEC automated sample manipulator is a robotic system intended for in-house (home laboratory) single crystal X-ray diffraction experiment. It enables frozen samples to be transferred automatically from a storage Dewar to an analyzing station.

Comprising a 6-axis industrial robot arm with a set of special tools, IRELEC sample manipulator is a reliable, flexible, multi-standard system, which entirely lives up to the expectations of scientific teams seeking performance and reliability in their in-house experiments.

The distinguishing advantages of this system are:

  • compatibility with the main standards used in the international community (Spine, Universal puck project, etc.);
  • compatibility with in-situ data collection in crystallization plates;
  • straightforward adaptation to existing non-automated set-ups;
  • ready for operation with new high density standards (mini-spine, newpin).


Implantation drawing for Tsinghua University (Beijing) in-house crystallography experiment