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High stability modular mirror systems

The high stability modular mirror system is designed to handle one or several mirrors (switch mirror system, harmonic rejection mirror system or KB system) from 200 mm to 1 500 mm in length, with cooling and bending systems if required. It is fully UHV compliant down to 10-10 mbar.

Depending upon the functional requirements, the positioning stages can be implemented in-air (motion transmitted through diaphragm bellows) or inside the vacuum chamber for high compactness and stability.

The support structure is made of natural granite chosen for its damping properties.

IRELEC proposes rectangular vacuum chambers (with base plate or top lid), as well as cylindrical ones (with either vertical or horizontal axis), with metal seals or O-ring ones. The design, manufacture and assembly of the vacuum components are all state-of-the-art for vacuum technology.

IRELEC integrates many types of mirror substrates (single crystal silicon, low expansion glass…) from all major worldwide suppliers (Thalès-Seso, Winlight, Reosc, Zeiss, InSync, Pilz Optics, Jtec…), and proposes single metal, B4C or multilayers coatings.


Focusing mirror system with mechanically bent x-ray mirrorLong mirror system with in-vacuum piezoelectric actuator