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Kirkpatrick-Baez system

As a particular declination of IRELEC modular mirror systems, the Kirkpatrick-Baez assembly is component comprising of two orthogonal mirrors enabling an X-ray beam coming from a synchrotron light source to be focused in both planes.
The mirrors are handled by a mechanical set-up whose purpose is to:

  • shape the mirrors (elliptically) by mechanical bending;
  • position the mirrors accurately (at a submicron level) in the X-ray beam by using two rotation axis settings and two translation settings.

In addition to its home-design KB system, IRELEC also proposes KB systems upon ESRF licence agreement, for application requiring a higher compactness (mirror length down to 130 mm)

The distinguishing benefits of IRELEC KB systems are:

  • intrinsic performances of the system;
  • compactness for producing submicron-sized beams;
  • flexibility (the type of mirrors and the coatings proposed – metallic or multilayer, all orientations possible for focusing planes, operation in inert gas or UHV conditions, etc.);
  • factory calibration of the system using the Long Trace Profiler (LTP) or Nanometer Object Measuring machine (NOM).
Compact Kirkpatrick-Baez systemCustomized ultra-high vacuum Kirkpatrick-Baez system for a soft x-ray beamlineCustomized ultra-high vacuum Kirkpatrick-Baez systemKirkpatrick-Baez system at the ALBA-CIRCE beamline