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Mirror Bending systems

The home-design IRELEC bending system consists in applying two controlled bending moments at each mirror extremity in a 4-point configuration, using one (IR-B-1) or two independent actuators (IR-B-2). It consequently allows the bending of the mirror into cylindrical or conical longitudinal shapes.

It consists of applying two controlled bending moments, by means of two electrical actuators, at each extremity of a mirror.
The bending system is an independent assembly.
It consists of a rigid frame, equipped at each end with bending rollers, controlled by means of one electrical actuator.
Each actuator consists of a stepper motor, associated with a screw-nut device which, by means of an elastic system, applies a force to the bending rollers.
The whole assembly is contained in a vacuum-tight box.
Direct reading of the applied moment is available by means of a load cell located in this box.

The distinguishing benefits of the bending system are:

  • high stability;
  • lack of induced error for mirror substrate with longitudinal slope error down to 0.2 µrad rms;
  • full UHV compatibility (down to 10-10 mbar);
  • tunability (all focusing configurations, calibrated counterweights, drain current measurement…).


IRELEC bending system IR-B-2 with two independent actuatorsIRELEC bending system IR-B-1IRELEC bending system IR-B-2 in a ultra-high vacuum chamber